Battlefield 4
Battlefield 4 was released on 29

Following rumours surrounding the "Battlefield 5," DICE has announced via Twitter that it will have a world premiere event of the "Future of Battlefield" on May 6.

"See the future of Battlefield. The #Battlefield World Premiere is on May 6 at 4PM ET," said a Twitter post. The image behind the post hints at a blast scene without revealing anything more. The original post links to the website that promises "first look."

Previously, industry insider Shinobi602 posted cryptic tweets that suggested a possible World War II theme for the upcoming "Battlefield 5," this was basically because he posted a song from "Battlefield 1942" with the caption: "Never gets old. A catchy tune for sure. [sic]"

His tweets had raised speculations, if "Battlefield 5" would be a new game or just a remastered version of "Battlefield 1942."

Shinobi602 had also revealed that he was "pumped up" about a possible announcement on Friday, May 6, and this has come true.

Previous rumours have also suggested the game title for "Battlefield 5" could be "Battlefield 5: Eastern Front," based on leaked documents believed to be related to the game.

Meanwhile, a fan questioned whether it would be based on modern war or a World War 2, and the fan was asked to wait until May 6 to find out.

Moreover the full reveal of the game might come during the E3 2016 and at EA Play on June 12.