Battlefield 4
Battlefield 4 will be out on Oct 29.blogs.battlefield.cpm

Battlefield 4 developer DICE said it will be improving its unlockables and in a more logical order compared to Battlefield 3.

Lars Gustavsson, creative director of Battlefield, said in an interview with VG27 that DICE was fine-tuning what it had learnt previously.

"We shipped Battlefield 3, which we should be slapped for, with probably the worst set ups ever," Gustavsson said.

"As a pilot, you had to fly your plane and only kill other planes with your cannons. You didn't have any counter-measures; you didn't have any missiles. And that's basically for the best of the best pilots; that's what they should do to show their skills. [As a beginner], you should have counter-measures, you should have heat-seeking missiles to give you a smooth ride into the game and then from there on you should customize."

He said the mistakes committed with Battlefield 3 where casual players found the game difficult to play will not happen with its upcoming title. He further added that feedback from Battlefield 3 was taken and tests on latency too were conducted.

"So we've worked with latency. We've added a test range where you can learn to fly the transport helicopter, not crash it into your friends," said Gustavsson.

"We've reworked menus to give you a much better understanding of how you customize - comparisons when you add attachments that give you a better understanding, just like racing games. We have reworked the spawn menu, just the concept of spawning in; in most games you just end up somewhere random, but here we have a choice. We have to try to show that in a much more visual way. So we've done rigorous testing on that one. Game mode movies and so on. We've definitely done a lot to smooth the learning curve."

Battlefield 4 will be releasing on 29 October for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.