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Detailed controller layouts of the upcoming arcade game title, Battlefield 4 have been revealed online. The PlayStation 4 controller DualShock 4 shows each single button dedicated for a specific function in the game.

The keys and their functions by Gamepur are listed below:

Trigger Buttons

L1: Grenade

L2: Aiming

R1: Spot/Commorose (Hold)

R2: Fire

Directional Pad

Up: Accessory

Down: Fire Mode

Right: Gadget

Left: Gadget

Analog Sticks

Left Side:

Up/Down: Move

Left/Right: Move

Press: Sprint

Right Side:

Up/Down: Look

Left/Right: Look

Press: Melee

Other Buttons

Triangle: Switch Weapon/Pick Up (Hold)

Circle: Crouch/Phone (Hold)

X Button: Jump

Square: Reload/Interact (Hold)

Options: Pause/Scoreboard (Hold)

Touch Pad: BattleLog

In related news, it has been revealed that DICE, developer for Battlefield 4 title, was considering the delay of the title on next-gen consoles previously. This was due to some of the development hurdles, which the firm overcame to het the game ready for launch.

Executive producer of the game, Patrick Bach also mentioned the hurdles they had to face in creating the game alongside the new hardware of next-gen. "Well we've been very aggressive with Battlefield 4 in that we want to be out at launch with the next gen consoles. I think people might not grasp how hard that is, to develop a game at the same time as the hardware. We've been struggling quite a lot to keep up with the changes we've seen - both sides need to adapt and you end up being late. Everything is very complicated. Battlefield itself is a really complicated game, so it doesn't make our lives any easier," he told Game Industry in an interview.

Ubisoft too is said to have faced similar issues, due to which its upcoming title, Watch Dogs was pushed back to 2014.

Battlefield 4 will be released on 29 Oct. 2013 for PC, Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 platforms. North America and Europe will get the game for PS4 on 12 Nov. and 29 Nov. respectively. Xbox One will get the game on 19 Nov. in North America and on 22 Nov. in Europe.