Game developer DICE's FPS title Battlefield 4 is likely to release its new patch for the game in early February, according to a post on Battelog forums.

"We are aiming to get a new update live for all platforms at the end of January/beginning of February (timing might change.) This update will include a number of stability improvements, tweaks, and fixes," the post read.

This patch will be released for all the platforms such as PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Though there were no details in the post on what the patch is likely to contain, it has only highlighted that there will be regular fixes for the problems players had been facing since its release.

Another Battlefield blog has highlighted that the upcoming patch will include vehicle tweaks that will be rolling out for Battlefield 4 eventually.

These will include tweaks to Aircraft and Anti-Aircraft vehicles and Tanks and Anti-Tank vehicles. Some of the tweaks that will be introduced to Aircraft and Anti-Aircraft vehicles are:

  • Reduction in the number of missiles from 6 to 4 in Mobile Anti-Aircraft vehicles.
  • Reduction of velocity of 20MM cannon from 1200m/s to 800m/s in Mobile Anti-Aircraft vehicles.
  • When an Anti-Aircraft missile hits a helicopter it will now spin uncontrollably, the impact is reduced.
  • Attack Helicopter cannon direct hits will have increased damage.
  • Reduction in the cone in Active Radar missiles.
  • Increase in damage when attacked using Zuni rockets for Attack Helicopters.
  • Reduction of splash damage and maximum splash damage range of Scout Helicopter's 25MM cannons.

Some tweaks for the tanks and the anti-tank vehicles that were outlined in the blog are:

  • Reduction of intelligence aspect of MBT LAW missiles.
  • Fixing of the issue regarding Active Protection and when the Man-Portable Active Protection System (MP-APS) was not able to stop 12G FRAG rounds.
  • Reduction in the range of M2 Selectable Lightweight Attack Munition (SLAM) from 6M to 3M.
  • Reduction of damage affected by all STAFF shells by 25 percent.