Battlefield 4
Battlefield 4 will get Naval Strike DLC, late March.Battlelog Battlefield

New video footages of different video games have been released for Battlefield 4, Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls and UFC.

A new trailer of nearly 12 minutes showcasing the gameplay of Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC's Carrier Assault Mode was released by its developer DICE. The video is unedited and shows two factions fighting each other with a mobile carrier base. Players have to first neutralize all missile launchers on the land which will disable the enemy defences on the carrier. Then players will enter the carrier and lay siege to it. (See Also: Battlefield 4 New Teaser Trailer of Naval Strike DLC)

There will be four new maps in the Naval Strike DLC which will be released late March. The DLC will cost $50 and premium members will get it two weeks before others.

The Carrier Assault mode is homage to Battlefield 2142's classic Titan mode where players attacked aircraft carriers using missiles and infantry.

(YouTube Courtesy: CVG)

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Gameplay Trailer

A new trailer for Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls underlines the immense features that will greet the player in its first expansion.

The footage shows some of the scenes from Westmarch, Blood Marsh, Battlefields of Eternity and Pandemonium Fortress. Players can also look at the new playable class introduced in the game, the Crusader class and also the working of the new powers like Epiphany, Avalanche, Piranhas, Vengeance and Black Hole.

The video invites people saying, "Go anywhere, slay anything." The video shows different modes like Adventure mode, bounties and Nephalem Rifts.

Apart from this, players will also get new rewards like paragon ability points and there has been a change in the game's loot system.

The game is expected to release in on 25 March for Mac and PC. A PlayStation 4 version will be rolling out at a future date.

(YouTube Courtesy: Diablo)

EA Sports UFC Shows New Video

A new video has been released narrated by Brain Hayes, the creative director showcasing the visual techniques that is used in EA Sports UFC.

The video showcases the shockwaves rippling of the muscles with players take damage in the game, further the video also shows the contortion of the muscles held to submission holds. The video also shows the in-ring movement. The video showcases the realistic nature showing liquid drops busting when a punch is delivered. It carries the same fluidity that is present in a real fight. The video also shows the position of the feet which is pressed on the floor rather than just gliding across.

EA Sports UFC will be released in spring 2014 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

(YouTube Courtesy: Official EA UK)