Battlefield 4
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DICE, the developer of the upcoming fps (first person shooter) game, Battlefield 4, has revealed some more details about the game's Commander Mode.

The post gives detailed information on the some of the features such as High Value Targets, Becoming a Commander and Commander Mutiny.

Following are the feature details:

High Value Targets - The High Value Targets or HVT feature gets activated in the game as soon as a player reaches a kill streak of six. On reaching the desired kill streak, the player will be showed as a selectable unit on the Commander screen. After the player appearance on the screen, the commander has the freedom to reveal the HVT's location on the map.

After the revelation, a count-down timer begins along with the map where the HVT is located on the players screen.

The HVT will get a bonus point for each enemy kill during the count-down timer. If the player eliminates the HVT within the given time, they will be receiving a one-time bonus. The commander issuing the order will also be given some bonus on the total amount of kills done by the HVT.

After the count-down ends, a certain time will be given for cooling down before the commander assigns another target.

Becoming a Commander - This feature lets the players, who have reached rank 10, to take part in matches as a commander for a first-come, first-serve basis. The commanders playing via tablets would need a certain PC experience before leading their teams in the missions. PC players would require Battle log to join in whereas the console players can join through the in-game menu.

Commander Mutiny - The squad leaders would be able to vote against the commander for a mutiny if the performance of the commander is not satisfactory. After reaching a mutiny point, a count-down of two minutes will be flashed on the commander's screen and the squad leaders.

During this, the commanders would be able to see the ones who voted against him and would get time to turn the tide influencing that they can perform up to the level.

Squad leaders can change their minds during the time given. If the commander is removed by the squad leaders, a couple of minutes will be given to the new commander to take a seat and familiarize himself before the game starts.

Battlefield 4 game is scheduled for 29 Oct. 2013 worldwide and is available for Microsoft Xbox 360, Xbox One, Sony PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC.