Battlefield 4
Battlefield 4 was released in October 2013.Facebook

Easter Eggs are found in almost any game you can name. The idea is to put in completely out-of the-world content into a certain game, with nothing in common with the original title, and hoping fans can hunt it out while going through it. And the previously released Battlefield 4 isn't any different.

After Battlefield 4 released, fans came to know that there's a Megalodon hiding somewhere in the game's Paracel Storm map. As expected, numerous players went in search of the beast in the map, only to return empty handed. It was later confirmed via the game files that there was nothing to be found there.

However, in a sudden turn of events, gamers came across the idea that the Megalodon can be found by scouring the waters of Nansha Strike. The giant prehistoric shark wasn't there originally, but was added later on by the developer as a gift for all those who spent so much time looking for the animal in the game.

When Battlefield Hardline was released back in March, the developers not only focused on the new game, but also kept adding touches to Battlefield 4 to make the game better. Much of this was possible, thanks to the Community Test Environment (CTE), a PC community that worked with the developers to tweak nearly every aspect of the game for a better experience.

Interestingly, in doing so, the team also managed to put the Megalodon back into the Paracel Storm map, making it easier to for players to find the massive beast.

Sure there was a bit of confusion as to how to trigger the Megalodon into making an appearance. But YouTuber JackFrags recently put up a video that showed he had already managed to come across the monster, and how other can also look for the animal in the game.

In the video (see below), the entire incident takes place near the wrecked aircraft carrier on Paracel Storm. There you should come across a giant beam of light pointing to the ship's deck. This is where things get dicey as we still don't know if the beam of light indeed triggers the Easter Egg.

Nonetheless, after a short span of time, you should see something shooting out of the water, and moments later a Megalodon will emerge from the ocean and jumps over the aircraft carrier. You can check out the entire sequence via the video.

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