Battlefield 4
Dragon's Teeth DLC for Battlefield 4 will be released on a 15 July.Twitter/Battlefield

Developer DICE's FPS title, Battlefield 4 was expected to reveal a new downloadable content (DLC), titled The Dragon's Teeth by next week, however, the content was leaked and we now know that the DLC will feature new weapons, new equipment and new maps.

DICE had tweeted on 10 May that if fans need to get a glimpse of the new Dragon's Teeth footage, then they will have to wait until next week and it even asked fans to subscribe their YouTube channel. But fans were not able to wait for that long.

Reddit Users and Symthic forums were able to dig deep into the files that were added recently on PC version of Battlefield 4. Fans have discovered some of the models of the following weapons, that includes:

  • Desert Eagle (handgun)
  • Unica 6 Magnum (handgun)
  • SIG MPX (submachine gun)
  • SRSS Bulldog 762 (assault rifle)
  • McMillan CS5 (sniper rifle)

YouTube user, DANNYouPC has posted a video that shows some of other things that will also be part of this FPS title – ballistic shield and a remote controlled robot which is equipped with a deadly combination of machine gun and a grenade launcher. DICE had previously confirmed that the ballistic shield will be part of its upcoming Dragon's Teeth DLC, GameSpot reported.

Apart from the above details, it has also been revealed that Dragon's Teeth will also be raising the rank cap from 120 to 130. It will also be adding new maps - Marketplace, Propaganda, Urban Garden and Waterfront. The game will also be having a new game mode called Chainlink

The picture that was tweeted by DICE allows us to expect that Dragon's Teeth DLC will be an urban warfare fight where the Chinese military has possibly locked down its cities during war. The ballistic shield can also be seen in the background.

This upcoming DLC is part of the Battlefield 4 Premium bundle that included China Rising, Second Assault and Naval Strike DLCs. Final Stand is another DLC that is yet to be released for the game.

The official release of the DLC could be during the E3 2014.

(YouTube Courtesy: DANNYouPC)