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Battlefield 4 will get Naval Strike DLC, late March.Battlelog Battlefield

Despite its problematic launch, Battlefield 4 is trying to shed off that image and is enticing gamers with new stuff like the supposed two-handed ballistic shield on its upcoming downloadable content (DLC) like the Dragon's Teeth Expansion Pack.

The Dragon's Teeth Expansion Pack will reportedly bring into Battlefield 4 a ballistic shield that will stop bullets from entering the area. Ryan Duffin, senior animator at DICE explained it at the ongoing GDC 2014 at San Francisco on 17 March at the animation bootcamp talk. (See Also: Battlefield 4: DICE Releases New Xbox One Updates)

He said that the team were trying to bring in a ballistic shield ability into the game which can be shot with a handgun, but this approach was not successful due to memory constrains in current-generation video consoles like PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

"We didn't have enough memory. It added about a megabyte, but a megabyte on a 2006 console is a lot, so it didn't work out," said Duffin, Polygon reported.

So, the team made the ballistic shield a two-handed move as a movable cover shield. But this move make players unable to use the handgun at the same time because they will be using it for the shield. However, the shield will help players to make melee attacks with a one meter range. This ability will also help the squad-based type of gameplay.

"There was a lot of resistance at first. But the more we assessed it, the more we realized it was a better feature," he added. "It turns out that stopping bullets in a first-person shooter is a ton of fun. We're confident that it will create a new dynamic for the game."

The Dragon's Teeth Expansion Pack is expected to be released in summer 2014. However, there are no much details on the expansion pack apart from the fact that the gameplay will be based on Urban Warfare.

New Teaser Trailer of Naval Strike DLC

(YouTube Courtesy: Battlefield)

Naval Strike DLC that is expected to launch in late March gets a teaser trailer ahead of its full length trailer on 19 March. The teaser trailer burst out with fast paced chaotic combat that any Battlefield 4 player would love to take out his boat and go and attack an aircraft carrier. The DLC is based on sea-based warfare and assault on carriers. Players of different factions attack an enemy carrier with new weapons and amphibious hovercraft vehicle.

This DLC will also have four new maps and ten new assignments. Players who are Battlefield Premium members will have access to it two weeks prior to its sale.

At a recent, Ask Dice session where, Gustav Halling, lead gameplay designer answered questions relating to the Naval Strike DLC.

He said that the design philosophy was to "expand on what makes naval warfare and water-based vehicles fun in Battlefield 4."

He went ahead and revealed the four new maps where players will wage war - the tropical Lost Islands map, Wave Breaker map, Stormy Weather of Nansha Strike and Operation Mortar.

Halling also explained that players can strategically use their environment and weather that will play a key role. He revealed that the new hovercraft, ACV is a fast transport boat that will travel between water and land in a seamless fashion.

He also took covers off new gadget, M320 3GL and new Anti-Heli Mine for players playing as Engineers. The DLC will also involve a new mode, Carrier Assault that is done as homage to Battlefield 2142's classic Titan mode where player will have to attack aircraft carriers using missiles and infantry.