Battlefield 4
Battlefield 4 was released in October 2013.Facebook

Battlefield 4's creators DICE have announced that it will be roping in the help of players with the newly created Community Test Environment (CTE) for testing and feedback.

The new testing environment "will provide passionate fans the chance to evolve Battlefield 4 with us and become a part of the development process. We'll be able to test new ideas and solutions to current issues before we roll them out to all Battlefield players," said a post on its official blog.

DICE announced its focus when it said that it will be first working on the 'Netcode,' that is experienced by the player and it includes the damage registration (player-to-player interactions). It also explained that the testing will also include tweaks on the 'tickrate' servers and general networking.

It also believes that CTE, at its early stages, will increase the quality of Battlefield 4, apart from addressing feedback from players. But this program will only be available on PC. However, the knowledge will be made use of on other platforms too.

DICE has also explained – How to access the CTE:

  1. The tester-player needs to have Battlefield 4 Premium membership, a separate game client must be downloaded. Now connect to CTE with the Battlelog version designed only for testing.
  2. Read and accept the Terms of Service and Agreement
  3. Log into Origin with your existing account username and password (your account must have Premium activated in order to proceed)
  4. Start Origin and download the new Battlefield 4 CTE game client that now should be visible
  5. Install the Battlelog browser plugin
  6. Get familiar with the guidelines by visiting the Forums.

It has also said that there will be a limit on the number of people who can join, though there are plans of expanding this base in future.

Battlefield 4, since its launch in October 2013, plagued by issues on all the platforms it was released. However, the developer and the publishers have taken a proactive role and have since rolled out fixes for bugs. The game is available on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.