Battlefield 1 tricks: How to unlock guns; newer weapons; use War Bonds; and rank up in different classes
Battlefield 1 tricks: How to unlock guns; newer weapons; use War Bonds; and rank up in different classesElectronic Arts

Battlefield 1, the action-adventure game is now live for users of Microsoft Xbox One, Windows and Sony PS4 across the world. One of the most important in-game aspects, that requires unlocking, is guns. Unlocking of newer guns/weapons is directly dependant on Class Ranks and War Bonds. Check out the tips given below to easily unlock different type of guns and weapons in Battlefield 1.

How to unlock guns and newer weapons in Battlefield 1

Trick 1: An important in-game weapon, in Battlefield 1, is the Kolibri pistol. To begin with, accumulate enough War Bonds for buying weapons. To get to know how to accumulate War Bonds, click here. Once you have sufficient War Bonds, navigate to the customize screen and choosing the appropriate class and then the weapon. After you have chosen the weapon, click on the War Bond symbol next to the weapon.

Trick 2: Remember that each class requires you to deal with a different ranking system. To check your current rank, in a particular class, launch the class screen and select customize. Your rank in that particular class will be displayed on the left hand side. Also, your progress to the next rank can also be seen here.

Trick 3: In order to achieve progression in ranks, simply play that class to level-up. You also earn bonuses, in each class, when you revive your teammates. So remember to resort to this often.

Trick 4: In each class, you will have multiple weapons at your disposal by default, and the rest of the weapons can be unlocked at certain ranks. Most of these can be unlocked when you attain level 3 in that particular class.

Trick 5: In every class, there is one weapon that can only be locked when you reach rank 10. The Martini Henry sniper rifle is a typical example. There are also certain pistols available globally, but require unlocking within certain class.

Trick 6: The C93 pistol can be used on assault, but you will have to rank up in support to unlock the weapon.

Trick 7: War Bonds can be viewed at the top right hand side of the customize screen.

Trick 8: Check out the Cavalry class; this will let you check out different weapons and aspects that are worth exploring.