Battlefield 1 tricks: How to effectively use vehicles and unlock smooth in-game passage
Battlefield 1 tricks: How to effectively use vehicles and unlock smooth in-game passageElectronic Arts

As EA's battlefield 1 reaches out to more players across the globe, it only becomes imperative to check out information that offers enhanced in-game gameplay. A notable aspect, at this juncture, is the utilization of different category of vehicles in Battlefield 1 so that in-game navigation becomes easier and smooth passages unlock. Now, renowned YouTube gaming tipster Jackfrags has come up with tricks to easily use vehicles in battlefield 1. Check these out, below:

How to effectively use available vehicles in Battlefield 1 for smooth passage

  • Choose brutal killing machines called Tanks: When you are in a tank, use both the third-person and the first-person cameras effectively. While heading into populated areas; and during aiming; it is recommended to use third-person cameras. PC players can change cameras by pressing the C key.
  • Be judicious while setting vehicle views: When you are heading into an urban area, using tanks, first-person cameras could obstruct your view of the external surrounds. Use third-person cameras to easily spot hidden enemies and those trying to sneak-up on you. Switch between first-person and third-person cameras for accurate shots.
  • Use Horses: Do not resort to under-estimating horses and the Cavalry class as these are more lethal than actual tanks. Horses are devastating with their sword-light and anti-tank grenades. Press camera button to swap sides when on a horse.
  • Switch positions when in vehicles: If you are in a transport vehicle (or a tank), go to the gunners seat to get accurate target hits and thereby kill enemies. Use S key in PC to switch seats in a vehicle. Even when you are in aircrafts, switch gunner seats to spot enemies better and kill them.
  • Entry determines positions in vehicles: In Battlefield 1, your entry into vehicles directly determines your position (and seating) in that vehicle. When boarding jeeps, always do from the rear as you will be able to get near the gunner position by default.
  • Self repair of vehicles: You can self repair your in-game vehicles. Spawn in as a driver to repair your vehicles; do remember that you would be vulnerable to enemies as soon as you alight the vehicle. Once you initiate repair, it will not be able to cancel the process.
  • Recommended tanks: Tipster Jackfrags recommends the Hover's tank as it has been found to offer increased resistance against the Infantry forces of the enemy.