Battlefield 1 open beta
Battlefield 1 open betaBattlefield 1 official reveal image

Battlefield 1 open beta, which is currently live for gamers owning Microsoft Xbox One, Sony PS4 and PCs across the world, will not end as expected. It will, on the other hand, have a major update that modifies the Conquest in-game mode.

Players can now check for this modification.

The latest customisation to the Conquest mode in Battlefield 1 open beta is due to a new patch that is now seeding across the world. This patch deactivates the round timer in the Conquest in-game mode.

This predicament, in turn, leads to players standing to win more points in Conquest mode. The other mode viz. Rush has not received any patches or modifications, as of now.

Battlefield 1 beta, amid all the hype and applause from gamers across the world, finally comes to an end on Sept. 8. However, a specific time at which the pre-release beta would come to an end is yet to surface at this point in time.

The new aspects, introduced by Battlefield 1 open beta, that are worth checking out by gamers are:

  • Sinai Desert
  • Battle with the Armored Train
  • Two new in-game modes viz. Conquest and Rush
  • Ability to battle enemies by charging at them from a horse.

Battlefield 1 will be released in its full public version to gamers across the globe uniformly on Oct. 21.