Battlefield 1: Hilarious Zappelin Behemoth fire tornado glitch discovered; now available for public viewing
Battlefield 1: Hilarious Zeppelin Behemoth fire tornado glitch discoveredImgur

Battlefield 1, the first World War-themed game that is currently live for the public, is now witnessing reports from the gaming community who have mentioned that they encountered a glitch in the Zeppelin Behemoth destroyer. This "issue" is hilarious as it results in the Zeppelin Behemoth transforming into a tornado of fire.

A gaming tipster took to popular forum Reddit to report the glitch. This was observed by the tipster after he hit the Zeppelin Behemoth from a plane. The fire tornado, that the Zeppelin transformed into after being hit, emits fire balls in all directions. However, the tipster (and is in-game character) stayed safe from the fire as it seems that the fire emitted does not strike players.

Check out this hilarious glitch, below, by clicking here. At this juncture, it is unknown if the technical minds behind Battlefield 1 are aware of the Zeppelin Behemoth "Tornado" glitch. Hence, expect something like a patch to seed soon.

If you are a player of Battlefield 1, you can let us know if you observed the Zeppelin Behemoth glitch. Do check out the war now.

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Trick 1: An important in-game weapon, in Battlefield 1, is the Kolibri pistol. To begin with, accumulate enough War Bonds for buying weapons. To get to know how to accumulate War Bonds, click here. Once you have sufficient War Bonds, navigate to the customize screen and choosing the appropriate class and then the weapon. After you have chosen the weapon, click on the War Bond symbol next to the weapon.

Trick 2: In each class, you will have multiple weapons at your disposal by default, and the rest of the weapons can be unlocked at certain ranks. Most of these can be unlocked when you attain level 3 in that particular class.

Trick 3: The C93 pistol can be used on assault, but you will have to rank up in support to unlock the weapon.