Battlefield 1: 3 Highly rated and the best Medic Guns to slaughter enemies mercilessly
3 Highly rated and the best Medic Guns to slaughter enemies mercilesslyElectronic Arts

Battlefield 1, one of the important first-person shooter games of this year, is now making its way to the top of gamers' minds across the world. At this juncture, it is critical for gamers to get to know effective guides and tricks that allow for an enriching gameplay experience. An important in-game aspect, in Battlefield 1, is guns, especially the Medic Guns that generally cause the most damage to the enemy.

Now, a known gaming tipster (via a new YouTube video given below) has come out with a list of important Medic Guns in battlefield 1. These have been rated as must-haves in the arsenal of players. Check out the list below:

  • M1916 Marksman: The USP of this weapon is its counter-sniping abilities, which should come in handy during stealth combat. The M1916 has been found to kill an enemy in just 3 bullets. This weapon can accumulate 26 bullets in its magazine. The gun is best used for close combats, rather than long-range combating. Finally, it has also been found that using the gun it is possible to kill at least 4 enemies without having to reload repeatedly.
  • The Mondragon: The USP of the Mondragon is that it can fire comparatively higher rounds of bullet per minute in comparison to the M1916 Marksman. This gun is custom-made for one-on-one duels. The Mondragon can also be used effectively for long-range firing. However, a downside here is that the gun can offer a maximum of only 10 rounds.
  • 8.25 extended Medic Rifle: This Medic Gun has been found to have the fastest rounds per minute during combats. The 8.25 Extended is best used for close-range combats. However, reloading times of this gun have been found to be comparatively high.