Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah
[Representational Image] Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah was seen holding a lemon during a campaignIBT Media

The Karnataka Assembly elections may be more than a month away, but things are already heating up, with parties vying hard to ensure a stable vote bank in various communities in the state, and are taking digs at each other to do so.

The Congress and the BJP have taken several digs at each other. This time the BJP's Karnataka's unit has mocked chief minister Siddaramaiah for campaigning with a lemon in his hand.

"Campaigns with a lemon in hand, but brings in Anti Superstitious Bill to demean and criminalize Hindu traditions," tweeted the state unit of the BJP from its official handle.

Besides sharing a picture of the CM with a lemon in his hand, the saffron party also called him a hypocrite.

Siddaramaiah, in turn, took a dig at the BJP and said the lemon was given to him as part of a welcome ritual.

"When you visit a village, people welcome you with a lemon. That this is not superstition is known to all Kannadigas. Anti-Superstition Bill was passed by the Karnataka Legislature. It does not demean any Hindu tradition. Learn about Karnataka before tweeting young fellows," One India quoted Siddaramaiah as saying.

He also accused the BJP of spreading fake news on the Bill.

"And if you spread fake news about our Anti-Superstition Law criminalizing or demeaning Hindu traditions, I&B Minister Smriti Irani will hit you with her circular," he said.

As expected, the BJP did not take the accusation lying down. It called Siddaramaiah a liar and even defended itself on the fake news allegations.

"Hahaha! We are sure the same villager presented you with a lemon at the time of oath ceremony and before you sat for the first time on the CM's chair. Mr. CM, you have been an awesome liar over the last 5 years! Looks like age is catching up!" it tweeted.

It remains to be seen how Siddaramaiah and the Congress react to these barbs.