"Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" will hit theatres only on 23 March, 2016. But fans are going wild with speculations and theories as DC plays it smart to keep it all under a tight cover.

As months pass by, the fan theories revolving around the film are going wilder. While the plot of the film continues to remain a secret, fans are trying to scrutinise and read between every piece of information that comes out of leaked images, trailers and cast interviews.

Here are five amazing theories that we think might come true in the film.

Batman will go on a killing spree

Well, from Christopher Nolan's presentation, we have always known Batman to be superhero who's against killing. But now, with Zack Snyder's portrayal, we know that the Batman played by Ben Affleck is well-built, seasoned and ruthless. If the latest trailers are anything to go by, then it looks like Snyder's Batman will not shy away from killing, discarding his no-kill principle.

In the trailer, Batman is seen standing on top of a building, holding a rifle and breaking the neck of a solider — all pointing towards the possibility that Batman could go violent.

General Zod will become Doomsday

While it has already been reported that Lex Luthor has obtained General Zod's body and may experiment on it to know Superman's secrets and weaknesses, will he, in the process, trigger the doomsday genome that will lead to Zod coming back to life as a villainous creature?

Superman and Lex Luthor will team up

Well, by now, we already have guessed Batman's motive to fight and bring down Superman. But why is Man of Steel standing against Batman? So, this theory backs itself by saying that Superman is pushed into fighting Batman by the government.

Now, through the official trailer, we know that Lex Luthor is close to the Senator and holds strong government connections. So, it's quite possible that Superman (willingly or unwillingly) may team up with Lex to fight against Batman.

Batman and Wonder Woman will be romantically linked

Remember the series of first official photos. There's a picture of Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince all dressed up and sharing a sort-of romantic moment. In the comics, Batman and Wonder Woman have been linked romantically various times. And looking at this new picture from "Batman v Superman", we wouldn't be surprised if Snyder plays up this angel.

Joker will make an appearance in "Batman V Superman"

The latest theory suggests that Jared Leto Joker will make an appearance in "Batman v Superman". Reports have been running wild suggesting a scene involving The Joker killing Robin has been shot. But many wonder if it's for "Suicide Squad" or for "Batman v Superman".

Well, it's quite possible that DC may have rolled cameras for a few extra shots on the sets of "Suicide Squad".

"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" will be released on 23 March, 2016.