Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
'Batman v Superman: Dawn on Justice' is scheduled to hit big screens on 25 March 2016.Facebook

Fox superhero series "Gotham" tells the story of young Bruce Wayne and the various events that he witnessed in the underworld criminal city in his childhood.

So the upcoming movie "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" is speculated to begin with the early life of Batman before it gets into superhero fights.

Earlier, there was a buzz that several characters from the television drama, including detective James Gordon, The Joker, Catwoman, Dick Grayson, The Riddler, The Batmobile, Alfred, Thomas and Martha Wayne, could appear in the film.

While some of the characters are confirmed to join the cast list of the superhero movie, it is yet not clear whether others will be part of it or not, especially young Bruce and his parents.

A painting of a man, which has got many similarities with actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, sparked rumours that the celeb will be playing the role of Thomas Wayne in "Dawn of Justice". However, it has not been confirmed by the cast and the crew of the movie.

While interacting with Jimmy Kimmel in ABC's popular late night show, the actor refused to share any information about his role in the movie. When the host showed his photo, he said, "God dang it sure looks like me doesn't it. I think you probably have to go watch the movie to see if that's me, but it looks a lot like me, man."

But this is not the first time speculations are surrounding Morgan's role in the film.

Several set photos that have been leaked online showed young Bruce with his parents. So, it is assumed that the movie could portray several of Batman's childhood from "Gotham" in "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice".