"Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" second official trailer was released at San Diego Comic-Con. And unlike its first preview, this almost four-minute long clip gives out major revelations about the plot of the film.

Here are five major points that we think is worth giving a second thought.

Bruce Wayne was at the Metropolis War

In the trailer, you can see Bruce Wayne is in middle of the Battle of Metropolis where he sees Wayne Financial literally come down to dust in front of his eyes. It's all over for the Wayne Empire and this is where the story reopens doors for Batman.

Bruce Doesn't Live in Wayne Manor Anymore

Well, we all know of Bruce Wayne as a rich businessman, a billionaire, a loner. But the "Batman V Superman" trailer shows that Wayne is not a rich celebrity anymore. A snapshot of an abandoned Wayne Manor in the trailer clearly gives away that something has majorly gone wrong and that Wayne doesn't live there anymore.

Joker has Killed Robin and Knows that Bruce Wayne is Batman

After Wayne tower came down crashing, Bruce Wayne receives a message which reads: 'You let Your Family Die.' Who could send this message to Batman? The first name that comes to our mind is — Joker.

For months we have assumed that Batman quit fighting crime after he lost Robin. It has been strongly believed that it was Joker who killed Batman's partner. In the trailer you can see Wayne looking at Robin's suit with empty eyes; he's clearly missing him.

But what you cannot miss is the message on the Robin's suit: 'Jokes on you Batman.' Now who else could leave such a sarcastic and sadistic message. It looks like finally in "Batman V Superman" it will be revealed how Robin was killed.

Lex Luthor has Zod's Body and the Kryptonite

The new San Diego Comic-Con trailer clearly shows Lex Luthor unzipping a bag, which has Zod's body in it. Now that Lex has got his hands on an alien's corpse, what is he going to do with it? Will he bring him back and use it against Superman?

Lex is shown looking at a big bulk of kryptonite in this new trailer. This is one of the biggest revelations. Now it gets you thinking, where and how did he manage to obtain such huge amount of kryptonite? And it looks like he has all plans of using it to defeat Superman. And there's a huge possibility that even Batman would want to steal it from him for the same reason.

US Senator is Connected to Lex Luthor

The Senator is seen walking into LexCorp and sharing a chat with Lex Luthor. This clearly gives you a major hint about how influential Lex is. If he shares such a strong connection with someone who holds such high position in the government, it's safe to assume that it's easy for him to get his way out of anything.

Could this connection be the reason he managed to get his hands on Zod's body and the kryptonite?

"Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" will hit theatres on 23 March, 2016.