Ben Affleck
Actor Ben Affleck attends the 52nd New York Film Festival opening night gala presentation of the movie "Gone Girl" at Alice Tully Hall in New York September 26, 2014.Reuters

A new member has been added to the ever-evolving cast of "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." Recent buzz has it that Zack Snyder plans to introduce a new villain, who will do a cameo in the movie.

Anatoli Knyazev, popularly known as KGBeast, has been included in the script of the film, according to Badass Digest.

KGBeast was introduced as a villain in the Batman comics in 1988. He was sent to the US to kill 10 people and used some extreme measures to kill them. In one of the instances, he reportedly poisoned 200 people at a party just to get his hands on one person. However, it is not known what role will KGBeast play in the film. It still remains to be seen whether he will be as brutal as shown in the comics or Snyder will come up with his own version.

Moreover, it is also being said that Doomsday will be seen in the film. Other characters whose stories have been weaved into the film include Aquaman, The Flash, Cyborg and Lex Luthor. It has been further reported, "Joker already exists, and Superman knows about him." But he will not be seen in the movie.

Meanwhile, Henry Cavill who plays Superman in the film has wrapped up shooting. He recently revealed his feelings about completing the movie.

"It was very difficult work. It was very physically demanding. You can't just sit in the harness and expect it to do all the work. You're not going to look like you're flying. You have to pay attention to what your feet and legs are doing. It's like dancing," Cavill said about playing Superman in the film to Chicago Tribune.

The set of "Batman v Superman" is now being moved to New Mexico, where the remaining part of the film will be shot. The cast and crew have recently completed the schedule in Detroit and Chicago. "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" is slated to release in 2016. Ben Affleck plays Batman in the film.