Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
'Batman v Superman: Dawn on Justice' is scheduled to hit big screens on 25 March 2016.Facebook

When the upcoming "Batman V Superman" was first teased, instead of being treated to the kind of importance it deserved, the movie got a lot of stick due to the fact that Ben Affleck was chosen to don the caped crusader's costume. This is because Batman fans don't want another George Clooney-like disaster.

However, in May, we have already been treated to the new CGI-laden trailer that's up on YouTube for the movie. However, if history has taught us anything, nothing can be gathered or taken seriously just by checking out the trailer of a movie. There have been times when a movie has just fallen flat after over-hyped promotions, and "Batman V Superman" could easily meet the same fate.

Nonetheless, this is indeed one of the biggest movies of the year, and it's important that we keep a clear mind and try to be a bit optimistic about the entire thing. Hence, here's a look at five reasons why the movie might live up to all the hype.

Superman Has a Cult... And He's God?
If you check out the opening montage for the trailer, the background narrative speaks of the current political condition of Metropolis, backed by the power of media. This is the condition of the city after the events of "Man of Steel". Interestingly, there was a cut-screen image released for the movie that showed Superman surrounded by a large number of people, whose faces were painted in a similar way, as if they were all part of a cult and Superman is who they worship. We aren't jumping onto conclusions here, but it might just provide a sneak view to the kind of power Superman has come into after the events of the last movie. Plus, there's another shot where armoured men (probably soldiers) with 'S' crests on their shoulders kneeling before him.

Batman's Vehicle Looks Killer
For a good Batman movie or a game, you need to equip bats with the latest technology that's available, and more importantly, a vehicle that lies witness to how technologically adapt the world's greatest detective is. For instance, just check out the Batmobile they have made for the upcoming "Batman: Arkham Knight". "Batman V Superman" has also introduced Batman's uber-futuristic vehicle that he will battle with against Superman in the movie. There have been a number of fans who have spoken about how the initial trailer for the movie looked like a cartoon, especially due to the vehicle. But if Zack Snyder and co. can pull it off, it might just be the greatest Bat-vehicle we have ever seen.

Bats' Voice is Intense
If you have ever been a Batman fan, you will know that the caped crusader isn't the one to mess around with. In fact, fans have often argued that Bats is the greatest of them all, simply due to the fact that he's as human as the rest of us, made of flesh, blood and bones. This means the character who plays Bats also needs to sound convincing so as to strike fear into the hearts of his adversaries. As of now, the short clip we have come across for the movie, gives us a feeling that Affleck's voice is somewhat synthetically modulated to give it a sharper feeling. The Nolan Batman was probably one of the greatest, but Bats sounded like he's suffering from throat cancer in the movie. Maybe this is where they finally get his voice right.

The Opening Premise Haunts Us
The opening part of the trailer shows a massive Superman statue in the middle of Metropolis, probably the one the city erected is his honour. However, what's more intriguing are the words "False God" that's been spray painted onto the statue. If not anything else, it's a burning example of how Metropolis has been shaped after the events of "Man of Steel", providing enough political and social evidence of how the city has learnt to respect and fear its saviour. Maybe all this power and responsibility has gone to Superman's head and he now believes himself to be a God. And when Bats asks him "do you plead?" it gives us a feeling that Superman might have deviated from his usual righteous path and considers himself an elite.

Could Bats Bring in Kryptonite into the Fight?
If Lex Luthor knows it, chances are everyone else does as well. Superman's greatest weakness is him being exposed to Kryptonite, a potentially hazardous material from Superman's home planet of Krypton. Kryptonite was first mentioned in "The Adventures of Superman" radio show in June 1943, and is known to drain Superman of his strength, while giving humans superhuman powers. And although we haven't seen any such indication in the trailer, could there be a chance that Batman brings the Kryptonite into the fight as the last line of defence against Superman's godly powers? We shall see.