Ben Affleck as Batman
Ben Affleck as BatmanFacebook / Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Rumours of Ben Affleck directing a solo "Batman" film for Warner Bros. have been doing the rounds for quite some time. We finally have some official confirmation on that front.

Fox News quoted Warner Bros. Chairman and CEO Kevin Tsujihara as saying Tuesday, April 12, at CinemaCon in Las Vegas that Affleck will direct the standalone "Batman" film for the studio. This project will of course take off once Affleck wraps up filming "The Justice League" movies, which he's currently contracted for.

Reports from earlier this month said Affleck had finished writing and developing the script for his solo "Batman" movie. Not much is known about the plot, but rumours seem to indicate it will borrow heavily from two iconic DC comics: "A Death In The Family," which featured the death of Jason Todd aka Robin at the hands of the Joker, and "Under The Hood," which told the story of Todd's rebirth as the Red Hood.

Robin's storyline in the DC Cinematic Universe was teased in "Batman v Superman," where we saw the character's costume with Joker's graffiti on it inside the Batcave. During his recent interview with IGN, director Zack Snyder shed some light on the mystery of Robin's fate, which fans might probably see in Affleck's "Batman" movie.

"In my mind, it was that Robin had died 10 years earlier, during some run-in with a young Joker," Snyder told IGN. "So there was a fun backstory there to play with. I felt like the whole idea was that there had been loss and there had been sacrifice. In a weird way, he had sacrificed everything to be Batman. He doesn't really have a life outside the cave. I thought that including Robin, a dead Robin, was helping us understand that he's been on quite a little journey."