Ben Affleck as Batman
Ben Affleck as BatmanFacebook / Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Comic book enthusiast Kevin Smith, who is also a prominent filmmaker and hosts the podcast "Fatman on Batman," recently revealed that Ben Affleck, who starred as Bruce Wayne/Batman in Warner Bros' latest "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" based on DC comic book characters of same name, is currently writing the script for a solo "Batman" movie.

Cinema Blend has reported that in the latest podcast, Smith revealed that Affleck is working with DC writer Geoff Johns to write a script for the solo "Batman" movie.

"Ben Affleck has been working on a solo script with Geoff Johns as well. Last conversation I had with Geoff Johns I was like are you working on it? And he said 'Yeah.'"

"I said, 'What's it like man, how do you co-write with someone?' And he's going 'We just break it up, he takes halves and I take halves and then we write, and then we switch material, and then he goes over mine and I go over his.' That sounds so fun, man."

According to Inquisitr, Smith is one of the biggest Affleck fans and has collaborated with him for a number of movies. Though "Dawn of Justice" received mixed response from the audience and was heavily panned by the critics, Smith has been supportive of the movie and Affleck's version of "Batman" from the beginning.

According to Inqusitr, when asked how he intends the Upcoming "Batman" movie to be, Affleck said: "For me, as a director, it's about the material and the characters, so if I found the right material, I would definitely throw my hat in the ring to direct something on this scale. I'm definitely bolder now, certainly having learned from and watched Zack and Chris put this movie together."

Den of Geek said that Warner Bros. has added two new dates to its DC Extended Universe (DCEU) calendar, one of which is Oct. 5, 2018. There is a significant possibility that the date is for the "Batman" movie. However, none of the official sources have confirmed it as for now.