Batman Arkham Origins
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Easter eggs in Warner Bros' Batman Arkham Origins game reveal the top four hidden secrets in the game. Now fans can dress up their Bat with new outfits as the result of Millennium Skins Pack that was released on 12 November.

 The game is loaded with numerous achievements, activities and Easter eggs. Below are the top five hidden secrets that were spotted (IGN):

1.       Scarecrow - In Penguin's ship during the Final Offer, players are likely to find a lot of Easter eggs. A small flyer is visible on a wall of the ship that advertises 'Jonathan Crane Research.' Jonathan Crane is the alias of Scarecrow and it is advertising for participants for a research study. This shows the obsession of Crane in his early years when he started experimenting on subjects.

2.       Cyrus Pickney Plaques - Cyrus Pickney is the legendary architect who designed Gotham City and players will finds collectible plaques that will uncover the legacy of this architect. The plaques are found in different location around the map.

3.       Rejected Assassins - Books titled "Cheshire," "David Cain" and "Black Spider" lay on the desk of the loading bay depot of the Sionis Steel Mill, the personal headquarters of Joker. These books were marked as "Rejected" in red. It indicates that David Cain, Black Spider and Cheshire were supposed to be assassins too.

4.       The Joker's Dance - In one of your final encounters with Joker, if players do not indulge in hitting him when he pesters the Bat with numerous taunts, he will start dancing as players can walk around him and will not stop until he is hit hard.

5.       Parents of Bruce Wayne - The death of Bruce Wayne's parents is a critical factor for him to tread the path of night vigilante. This game takes us to the place where his parents were both killed.

 Millennium Skins Pack

Batman fans have been treated by Warner Bros with a new Millennium Skins Pack, which provides them with more outfits to dress-up their Dark Knight.

Close to six skin bundles were released which are all DC Comics-based outfits. They are:

  • Red Son Batman
  • Blackest Night Batman
  • 1st Appearance Batman
  • New 52 Graphic Batman
  • Batman: Noel
  • One Year Later Robin (for multiplayer modes on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC)

This pack is available in retail for $3.99 on the Nintendo eShop and $4.99 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Steam.

Polygon reports that if players already have Arkham Origins Season Pass costing $19.99,  they will be getting this pack free of cost.