WB Games Montreal's upcoming video game, Batman: Arkham Origins will be having an extra hard mode after players have completed the main game and New Game Plus, it was revealed.

The revelation came via Eurogamer that interviewed the producer of this anticipated game, Guillaume Voghel. He explained that after a player is done with the main game and New Game Plus, he will be given an extra tough mode which does not allow players to save and they will be provided with only one life.

"The main narrative arc and side missions last about 12 hours and then you have all the collectibles. To get 100 per cent of that will take much, much longer. We have a new difficulty level, New Game Plus is coming pack - that's really difficult - and when you're done with that there's I Am The Night mode - which is no saves and one life," he explained.

Meanwhile, he also conceded that the game's next DLC titled Initiation will be set in Asia and players will be playing as Bruce Wayne.

"You play as Bruce Wayne learning to be a ninja. That's a really cool one. Narratively there's some added content that will give players a little more background story."

Initiation DLC was announced as a part of Arkham Origins' Season Pass. Players will be controlling Wayne before he became known as the Batman. Wayne must prove to his master Kirigi, a ninja-master who is also the teacher of Ra's al Ghul's League of Assassins, that he is his master's worthy student.

It'll offer you a chance to play as Wayne before he became the Bat and see him prove himself worthy to "his greatest teacher, Kirigi" - a ninja who taught Ra's al Ghul's League of Assassins.

"[But] it's not League of Assassins, it's ninja-related," Voghel continued. "It's when he learned to be a ninja and learned those techniques. He goes to a monastery - custom content was created for the DLC. You'll be in Asia in the monastery. The team did a great job on that, it looks really good."

Batman: Arkham Origins will be released on Oct 25 for PC, Wii U, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.