Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate
Blackgate was released on Oct 25.Facebook/Arkham Origins

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition, the 2.5D side-scrolling handheld version of Batman: Arkham Origins, has been listed on Xbox Games Store, suggesting the game could be heading the console way.

The listing mentions that the game is amplified with newer maps, batsuits, difficulty levels, enemy encounters and enhanced visuals. It also revealed that the game will release on 25 March. 

The game continues the storyline from Arkham Origins, where players discover details about the past life of the Batman. The game features stealth gameplay, free-flow combat and gadgets.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment or Microsoft have not yet revealed any information about the console version of Blackgate.

Blackgate was launched on Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita on 25 October, along with Arkham Origins.

Xbox 360 wireless controllers

Microsoft has stated that the company will release two Special Edition Chrome Series wireless controllers. Larry Hryb, Director of Programming of Xbox Live, announced the news through his website.

The new controllers will arrive in March, and will come in two colors - purple and black. They will cost $54.99.

Interested people can pick up the black controller at Walmart and purple controller at Best Buy. Both will also be available at the Microsoft Store.

Meanwhile, there have been reports that Microsoft is working on a new e-Reader app which will work for Windows 8, and perhaps also for Xbox One.

Sources have told The Verge that the company presently has the app in development. But there has been no confirmation if it will work across all the Microsoft platforms. There is already an e-Reader app for Windows 8. Since there is already one for the cell phone, the app that is in development could be for platforms like Xbox One.