Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate
Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate was released on 25

Armature Studio's 2.5D video game, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, has garnered good reviews from critics. The studio has released more details on the combat and bosses in the game.

Mark Pacini, game director at Armature Studio, has released a video on the PlayStation Blog post, where he gave some hints that will add to the "variety and intensity" of the game.


Explaining Combat in the game, Pacini said that Batman Arkham series' core pillars were its FreeFlow Combat. The one present in Blackgate has been adapted from the console version and Pacini pointed out that the company had to face difficulties while adapting it to a 2.5D platform.

The combat in the game will be inclusive of counters, combos and Batman will be able to move between enemies. The winged avenger will face special enemy types like Knife, Stuntstick, Armored and Assault Rifle thugs. These thug types have been developed from the console version, added Pacini.

(YouTube Courtesy: PlayStation)


Batman will confront six different boss characters before the final showdown in the final boss. The studio provided hints on the different boss types. Readers must be careful as it includes spoilers.

  •  Bronze Tiger: Bronze Tiger is a hand-to-hand battle. But after players find his weakness his fighting style will suddenly evolve. Players need to change their attack strategies immediately.
  •  Deadshot: Though he is a "man that never misses," his gun takes time to fire. Players have to take cover before it fires. His weakness is spotlights.
  •  Solomon Grundy: He is an undead monster and none of Batman's gadgets will be useful against him. Players have to opt for the detective mode to investigate the environment which might help them out.
  •  Penguin: His thugs have motion sensors and advanced weaponry that will make life very difficult for Batman. Players have to find a way to remove their munition backpacks from them before engaging them. Penguin will be weaker if engaged from above.
  •  Black Mask: When players engage Black Mask first, he will throw grenades and player has to flip over enemies to dodge them. Players have to simultaneously shut down the generator switches which he would have overloaded.
  •  The Joker: the Joker can outrun Batman, so gamers need to quickly cross the room with the line launcher. When the Joker pulls out his stun stick, players have to make good use of their utility belt to short it.

(YouTube Courtesy: PlayStation)

The game's story takes place three months after the Batman: Arkham Origins events and Batman is beings sent to investigate the reason for the prisoner riots at Blackgate Prison. Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate was released on 25 October for Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita.