Batman: Arkham Origins
Batman: Arkham Origins will be out on Oct

WB Games Montreal's upcoming video game, Batman: Arkham Origins allows players to explore the game with the feeling that they too are a part of Batman, said the studio.

Michael McIntyre, gameplay director at WB Games Montreal spoke to GamingBolt on Batman's challenges in Batcave that improve his relations with Gotham City Police Department.

 "The categorization of the various exploration activities in Arkham Origins creates a kind of narrative context for each type of gameplay so that exploration activity feels relevant to Batman and not just the player. This means that completing challenges or finding collectibles has meaning for Batman and justifies the rewards we have attached to each category," he said.

"This makes all of the player's activities feel like part of the story or at least part of being Batman. Each category has progression within it as well which provides some structure to exploration and gives the player a variety of goals they can pursue. Having a ton of things to do at once can often be overwhelming. Our hope is that this structure will help make exploration manageable and rewarding while still feeling like an integral part of the game."

Many have questioned about Batwing mot being a part in Arkham City but suddenly making an appearance in Arkham Origins. McIntyre contested the argument and said that it was in fact present in Arkham City.

McIntyre also explained that the team pays attention to such issues in the game and make an effort to resolve them in such a way that the game doesn't lose its thrill and fun.

"The Batwing actually was present in Arkham City - this was how Batman received new equipment in the field throughout the game. So the inclusion of that particular element is not really a conflict and we are excited to have it be a bigger presence in our game," he added.

Arkham Origins will be released on Oct. 25 for Wii U, PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.