Batman: Arkham Knight's extremely annoying Batmobile race
Batman: Arkham Knight's extremely annoying Batmobile raceKotaku

The recently-released Batman: Arkham Knight from Rocksteady is easily one of the best games we have played this year so far. That being said, we are extremely annoyed with the in-game Batmobile race that the Riddler places for Bats to figure out and save Catwoman. 

WARNING: Major Spoiler Alert!

Early on in the game, Bats discover the Riddler's latest evil plan where he's captured Catwoman, attached a bomb to her neck, and now demands that she and Batman have to survive a series of puzzle-challenges in order to disarm the lethal explosive.

Well, the challenges involved with the mission may seem quite straightforward and simple at start, but things get annoying once you go deeper into it.

While most of the challenges require you to work in cohesion with both the Batmobile and Catwoman to solve puzzles, this one is merely present to annoy the gaming fraternity.

The moment you are about to get Catwoman's collar to zero, you'll be presented with one final race challenge, titled "Condamned". The race is easily the toughest Riddler challenge that you will ever come across and will test your patience to not break the system, rather your skills.

The race will require the player to bend around the turns in the Batmobile via the use of momentum to stick to the walls, while dodging a number of barriers placed to break the momentum he/she has just gathered.

While it's possible to hit a button and move the barriers out of the way for the first two laps, the barriers won't move for the final lap. This is where most of the players we know either left the game for a breather or broke the controller.

However, according to Kotaku's Kirk Hamilton, the best way to tackle the race, especially in the final lap, is by switching the Batmobile's view to first-person.

"Do that, and the entire final lap becomes much easier. To take that tough corner, just steadily accelerate through it; don't brake, don't hit your afterburner. Nail that on your first or second try, and it's easy to finish the race within the time limit," Hamilton explains.

Here's also a video footage of the same, in case you are still unable to beat the race:

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