Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced a new game based on the Arkham series, Batman: Arkham Knight that will add a new drivable Batmobile. The announcement was made on 4 February and revealed that the game will have villains like Penguin, Scarecrow, Two-Face and Harley Quinn. The game will be developed by Rocksteady Games.

Batman: Arkham Knight will give players a bigger Gotham City and the game will set a year after the events of Batman: Arkham City. The game will focus on single player and will not be having a multiplayer. (See Also: Batman: Arkham Origins' Mr. Freeze DLC)

"The Arkham games have always been about providing that power fantasy, about being and feeling like Batman. We're going to take it further with the addition of the Batmobile and the bigger city," said Sefton Hill, game director at Rocksteady during an interview with Game Informer magazine.

When asked about multiplayer in the game, "It's going to take all of our effort for all of this time. We don't have the time to do multiplayer. We want to focus on making the best single-player experience we can," said Hill.

Details on the new game were revealed to Game Informer (via CVG) for its publication that will roll out next week.

The voice of Batman in Arkham Knight will be voiced by Kevin Conroy, Penguin's Character by Nolan North, Riddler by Wally Wingert, Two-Face by Troy Baker and Harley Quinn by Tara Strong.

The game is already available for pre-ordering at GameStop and players doing so will get access to a playable Harley Quinn with weapons, gadgets and abilities. It will also have exclusive four challenge maps. The game has 'impressive'level of details.

Gameplay details reveal that this will be taking place in a new central zone of Gotham City that has three islands. Since the game has more space between buildings, gliding around them is easier.

The death of Joker makes other get together for a plan to eliminate Batman. Quickfire gadgets like Batarands can be used mid-air. There will be return of the classic counter system. Players can also use environmental hazards like power generators into combat. Like in Arkham Origins, Batman will have his detective vision.

It has also been revealed that the Batmobile will be the best car in any game ever which will be able to do jumps, boosts, burnouts and will also be able to rotate in circle and stop where you want. It is also bulletproof, can fire an immobilizer and missiles can be locked.

The game will be released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and unconfirmed release date puts it at 14 October.

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(Edited by Anu James)