Batman is undoubtedly one of the the most-loved superheros. So while on a campaign at the Iowa State Fair last weekend, when Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump claimed to be Batman, it didn't go down well with Batman himself — or should we say, the voice of the Caped Crusader, Kevin Conroy. 

The Batman comic series made way for the animated DC universe and then came the iconic voice of the Dark Knight — courtesy Conroy. The voice actor has voiced Batman in almost every game including Batman: The Animated Series, the Batman Arkham videogame.

Trump told a young boy that he was Batman and apparently, the comparison has not been taken well by a few Batman fans. While Batman writer Scott Snyder tweeted subtly with just a shudder,  Conroy has been more vocal about his response to Donald Trump's claims.


Well, it looks like Kevin Conroy is not cool with Donald Trump's "secret identity" and wants the real Batman to stand-up.