Batman Arkham Knight
Batman Arkham Knight will be released in

There isn't much time left before the new Batman Arkham Knight finally makes its mark on fans. We have seen a number of gameplay videos for the upcoming Batman title, enough to keep our fingers crossed until the final release. And one of the many things that have attracted fans is the strong cast of supporting characters. 

For the time being, we do know for a fact that this will be Bats' biggest battle, with all the baddies joining forces to once and for all, take out Gotham's very own caped crusader. And with the game being no different from its predecessors in terms of supporting acts, there's a lot to follow up on, especially the villains involved.

Recently, Gaz Deaves, the Social Marketing Manager at Rocksteady Studios was in an interview with Gamingbolt, where he spoke about the in-game villains for Batman Arkham Knight. Gaz stated: "Having a Rogues Gallery full of amazing villains is one of the great pleasures of working with Batman. Strong characters naturally inspire great stories, but in our game they also have a big role in shaping the gameplay."

That being said, Scarecrow easily comes as one of Batman's toughest adversaries to date. And it would be interesting to note how his character plays out in the latest game.

Speaking about the kind of challenge Batman faces this time around, Gaz said, "Batman is facing an attack like nothing he's experienced before, as his enemies have all united for the first time to take the Dark Knight down once and for all."

It adds that Scarecrow's plot has resulted in the evacuation of Gotham's civilian population, "leaving the city open for the supervillains to take advantage of the chaos. At points in the game you'll see them pursuing their own objectives, while at others they're playing their part in Scarecrow's plan to destroy the Dark Knight."

As of now, Batman Arkham Knight is said to offer the largest explorable city to date, even bigger than the preceding Batman: Arkham Origins. Players will be able to make their way from one part of the city to the other without the need of a Batjet, traveling in real-time.

There's also the new Fear Takedown manoeuvre that Batman can work to his advantage to defeat his adversaries. He will simply line up his targets within his sight, and with one button press, will swiftly launch into action, taking on the goons before they can fire their automatics.

Apart from that, the game also has quite the mean-looking Batmobile. The new vehicle for Batman looks like it has been built with the very ideologies of the ones that featured in the latest Batman movies. The new Batmobile is a tank-like behemoth that can rampage through any terrain and problems.

Batman Arkham Knight, nominated as one of the most anticipated games of the year, is currently set for a June release this year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux.

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