Batman Arkham Knight
Batman Arkham Knight will be released in

The final game in the series, Batman Arkham Knight from Rocksteady will enable players to try out the new Batsuit and Batmobile that will be introduced in the game. Arkham Knight has generated enthusiasm among fans and gamers on the possible clash between Batman and a militarised Batman, the Arkham Knight.

The developer, Rocksteady, conducted a Reddit AMAA session sharing new information on some of the aspects of the game. Batman Arkham Knight will be releasing on 2 June 2015 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


A Redditor asked why the suit looks more robotic than in the previous games. The developer argued that the suit will be mirroring the design of the Batmobile. The idea was to "highlight the interaction between Batman and the Batmobile," and with the new suit there will be changes to the gameplay too, Batman's abilities have been changed more in terms of how Batman and his Batmobile can work together.

Favourite Addition

When asked about its favourite addition, it pin-pointed at the open city feature in the game. This will allow players to explore the city with detailed representation of Gotham's environment.

High Combat Variations

Developers were asked about the possible high-combat variation in the game, for which it was revealed that players can expect, big fights at certain points in the game, where they will face a significant number of enemies.

Batman will be facing threat from two groups, one is that of the Gotham City criminals and another is from the private army belonging to the Arkham Knight.

 Changes in Predator Challenges

On a question on Predator Challenges, the developer said the biggest change will be in the "size of the some of the encounters," Players must be ready to take on a bigger group of armed guards, it also stressed that such a group will have a variety of guards. Players have to be experts if they need to complete them without alerts.


Arkham Knight Story

Developers also revealed that the Arkham Knight will be concentrating on the repercussions following the death of the Joker. While working on Batman: Arkham City, the team had a vision where his death would be the starting point of the next game.

Martial Arts Fights

It was also revealed that the AI's in the game will be able to dodge and counter the attacks from Batman. A repeat of the combos blindly, will be of no real value.


There will be points in the game's story where the progress of Batmobile will be important. But the game is designed in such a way that some sections of the game will not give players access to the Batmobile, but players would have wished it was accessible there too. It said Batmobile will be "fun, meaningful addition to every part of the game."

New Skins

Rocksteady also revealed that the game will have alternate skins - a New 52 skin will be made available in Batmobile Edition and Limited Edition SKUs.


It also said The Harley Quinn and Red Hood DLC will be story missions. While players can pre-order Harley Quinn DLC; Red Hood DLC will exclusively be available to the retailers.