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If you have been an ardent fan of Rosksteady's Batman Arkham series of games, you should know that there are riddles that are scattered across the map. Similarly, for Batman: Arkham Knight, you will find such riddles spread across all the three main islands in the game.

Now, just as riddles are scattered across the land, there are also numerous small green trophies for Batman to collect during his missions. While some of them are quite easy to find, others are carefully hidden even from the most inquisitive eyes.

However, this guide aims at directing you towards almost all such green trophies in the game that you will find during your grim adventure. See below for all the locations to find the trophies.

NOTE: This guide will, for the time being, concentrate on all the Riddler trophies that you will find in Bleake Island. Keep in mind that sometimes you will require the Batmobile to access certain trophies, and this means you will need to complete the story mission City of Fear to gain vehicle access to all areas.

Batman: Arkham Knight – All Bleake Island Trophies

Location 1 – This one is located to the left of the clerk's desk in the GCPD building.

Location 2 – Move south-east from the clock tower and you should find a boat house. Locate a small walkway right next to it and the trophy can be found right under it. Make use of your Batclaw for this one.

Location 3 – Move south-west from the same clock tower and you should find the next trophy sitting on a ledge inside of a dilapidated building.

Location 4 – This trophy will be located under the bridge heading towards the ACE Chemicals plant. Find it by some canisters.

Location 5 – Find this one on top of the ACE Chemicals tower (one that's painted red and quite tall).

Location 6 – Move north from Langstrom's lab and you should come across a tall building. The trophy will be located behind a destructible wall on the top floor.

Location 7 – Locate a shed just north of Langstrom's lab for this one. The trophy should be inside.

Location 8 – Move east of that same lab and you should come across another destructible wall. Use your exploding gel for this one.

Location 9 – If you move to centre of the island, you will locate a warehouse. Enter the warehouse and you should find a high walkway. The trophy will be located on the walkway.

Location 10 – Go to the northern shipyard where you should locate a huge container being suspended by a crane. Glide on to the inside of the container for the trophy.

Location 11 – For this one, head over to the Panessa Studios helipad. Just go down the short stairs nearby. Here, you should find a hole on your right that you can enter. The trophy is inside.

Location 12 – Head to the building located extreme north at Panessa Studios and the trophy should be behind a destructible wall.

Location 13 – You should find another similar destructible wall on the back of the same building. Destroy it to obtain the trophy.

Location 14 – If you move to Merchant Bridge, you should find a house located by the water. The trophy can be found in front of the house.

Location 15 – Head over to the Easter Lighthouse (the one in red and white), and your trophy should be inside the gardening shed.

Location 16 – Go to the Kord building in the Cauldron area, and move to the underneath of the road with your Batmobile. Take down the destructible ceiling overhead and obtain trophy with your Batclaw.

Location 17 – Go to the Mendo Soap building and head towards the skyway. The trophy should be in the northwest section.

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