Batman Arkham Knight
Batman Arkham Knight will be released in

New information has surfaced on the mysterious antagonist, named Arkham Knight, in Batman Arkham Knight that is under development with Rocksteady Studios. These new details provide us an insight into this mysterious character that was created for the game.

Previously, images released by the company have shown him to have body armour and one image even shows him stamping down Batman himself.

The game has been delayed until 2015, as against the anticipated release in fall 2014. The news on the game had slowed down until this interview by Rocksteady to GamesTM magazine that reveals some of the aspects of Arkham Knight's costume.

The Arkham Knight is probably a villain par excellance, he is the commnader of a military force with advanced weapons, and has taken Gotham City by force. Not only that, he knows everthing that has to be known of the Batman - "his tactics, his gadgets and his weaknesses." The villain is also the "dark reflection" of Batman himself.

Below are six different aspects of Arkham Knight's costume:

  1. Mask - This is an important component of the Arkham Knight. It conceals his identity, tracks his army via heads-up display in the mask. The mask makes him "ghostly and robotic."
  2. Chest plate - His armour is designed in such a way as to thwart all the strategies that Batman normally uses, it acts a psychological weapon. Many parts of the design were influenced by that of Batman's logo in Batman: Arkham Asylum. Batman's favourite weapon, Bat Claw is of not good with this new armour.
  3. Guantlets - The design of the gauntlets resemble that of the fighter aircraft. They are "highly resistant, unreflective and totally intimidating." Like Batman, his gauntlets are designed to help his fighting style, which will be similar to that of the Night Vigilante. It matches the anatomy and ergonomics of the character.
  4. Camouflage - The red camouflage that Arkham Knight uses is to make him unidentifiable with his troops when they go out to fight. The dark grey and slight red allows him to sneak in unnoticingly into the shadows and alleyways of Gotham. On his biceps and triceps there is an armoured dark material that is partly reflective mirroring the environment around him.
  5. The Utility Belt - The design of his utility belt mirrors his aggressive personality. The belt is worn low unlike Batman's.
  6. The Ears - They act as transmitters as he communicates his commands to the troops and the drones. It has a psychological edge. It is shorter and hence practical for combat unlike that of Batman, whose ears are long.

Release Date

Batman Arkham Knight will be releasing in the fall 2015 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.