Kurt Sutter is known as the man behind a number of violent sequences on "Sons of Anarchy". Add that to a medieval setting he has for the upcoming historical fiction drama series "The Bastard Executioner". The series is set to air on 15 September and looks like it would be a total bloodbath.

However, at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour, Sutter made it very clear that the series will not just be violence shown for violence's sake and will have a set of rules.

TVLine quoted him as saying: "My mandate, as it was on 'Sons', is that the violence — as absurd as it could be sometimes on 'Sons'— always came from an organic place. [For] every violent act, there were ramifications. That's my same mandate here [too]. Yes, it's a medieval setting, and the laws in terms of punishment were brutal and heinous ... That's a reality of the world. And there are ways to portray that violence that don't make it openly gratuitous. Anything that happens — be it a battle sequence, or an execution, or a torture scene — comes out of story. And it always has some ramification."

The episodes are being filmed in Wales. Little is known of the 14th-century setting of the series. The story is about a warrior who eventually becomes a sort of travelling executioner. There is still a lot of mystery to be unravelled.

Undoubtedly, blood and warfare are going to play key roles in the series. Apart from it, politics and the role of religion will also be prime factors. The church is going to show its dominance in formidable ways and of course, will not always be a place of worship.