Tami Roman has a major beef in the upcoming season of "Basketball Wives LA"
Tami Roman has a major beef in the upcoming season of "Basketball Wives LA"Facebook/Basketball Wives

VH1's drama-filler reality show "Basketball Wives LA" is returning with Season 5 the coming Sunday, July 17. The new season also brings with it new ladies who bring in their own share of drama to the show.

Shaunie O'Neal and her gal pals return to VH1 with two newcomers, DJ LaTosha Duffey, Brandi Maxiell's friend who is engaged to basketball manager Iman Shokouhizadah, and Angel Love, who is dating former Washington Wizards player DeJuan Blair. Duffey's arrival to the fold is not appreciated by Brandi's BFF Malaysia.

"I don't want to be in the same environment as people I don't like," Malaysia tells Brandi, alluding to Duffey. At one point in the trailer for Season 5, Malaysia was seen coming to a gathering of the girls in sweats with her hair pulled back and no make-up on, ready to pick a fight. She looked really smug about the fact that she would be serving it to someone, and that someone is most probably Duffey.

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The two new girls also seem to have a problem with each other and were seen fighting in the trailer. While Duffey claims that all Angel does is dance on men, the latter attacks her saying "Duffey, you got bodies." This, as Tami explains, means that the person sleeps around.

For the first time in "Basketball Wives LA", one of the girls seems to have gotten brave enough to go after Tami. In the promo, we see Tami saying that she had asked Duffy to coach her daughter, as she is a DJ. However, things do not end well and they both want blood.

"I am definitely going to end up in jail," Tami tells the cameras, right before footage of violent fight between the ladies is shown. "You must die," Tami further adds just as the trailer ended.

Don't forget to watch the Season 5 premiere of "Basketball Wives LA" at 9 p.m. (EST) on Sunday, July 17.