"Basketball Wives: LA" will be eturning with Season 5 in another couple of months, but unfortunately a couple of our favourite girls may not be around for the upcoming episodes. As fans know, Brandi Maxell was fired in the Season 4 finale, whereas Draya Michele has decided to give up on her reality TV career.

In the previous season, Brandi was upset with the way Shaunie O'Neal was treating the girls of the cast and was brave and stupid enough to call the boss woman a "bi**h". Shaunie calmly responded with, "Thank you for your services". In true boss fashion, she fired Jason Maxiell's wife without even spelling out the words.

Brandi had, however, returned for the Season 4 reunion, and made it evident that she would be more than happy to return for another season, but it looks like Shaunie isn't one to forgive that easily.

Meanwhile Draya, who did not even make it to the reunion episode, has decided to pull herself out of the show, claiming she no longer wants her entire life to be made public. Although she says she enjoyed filming the first two seasons of the reality show, she does not see the appeal of it anymore and tweeted:

"It's our choice what we decide to show to the world. I have no regrets about reality TV and I'm thankful for the opportunity... It's just not my thing anymore."

The show however, is moving forward without the duo, and will return, in the early months of 2016. Malaysia Pargo, Jackie Christie, Mehgan James, Estelle and Shaunie O'Neal are expected to maintain spots as the main cast members. Meanwhile, any of the recurring stars like Brooke Bailey, Gloria Govan, Tami Roman or even Evelyn Lozada could take the place of Draya and Brandi.