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Anurag Basu's much-awaited film "Barfi" starring Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Tollywood actress Ileana D'Cruz is all set to release on Friday. The movie produced by UTV Motion Pictures and Ishana Films has garnered positive reviews from movie critics assuring it to be the first choice of movie buffs.

The movie revolves around the story of deaf-mute Nepali origin boy (played by Ranbir) and an autistic girl (played by Priyanka). Ileana is the narrator in the film and also plays the role of a Bengali girl. The three main characters discover that love can neither be defined nor can be controlled by society's standards of what's normal and abnormal.

The movie was applauded by critics and journalists at the special screening which took place on Wednesday. Ranbir was especially appreciated for his outstanding performance as a deaf and dumb boy.

Here is what critics had to say about the romantic comedy - "Barfi":

Taran Adarsh who reviewed for Bollywood Hungama said:

"The late Rajesh Khanna put it across marvellously in the memorable ANAND, 'Zindagi badi honi chahiye, lambi nahi.' Notwithstanding the roadblocks in our lives, one should celebrate life every single moment, every single day. That, in a nutshell, is the essence of Anurag Basu's BARFI!.

"BARFI! cannot be slotted in any particular genre. But it has the disposition of the much-acclaimed LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, a delightful film that tugged at your heart strings. That film advocated the fact that one should savor every moment. Similarly, BARFI! notifies you to relish life and live it king-size. Yet, like most Hindi movies, this one is essentially a love story that throws the spotlight on the happy-go-lucky Barfi and his romances, first with the classy Shruti and later, with an autistic girl, Jhilmil.

"The beauty of the film lies in the fact that it instantly absorbs you into Barfi's world. I wish to specify that one should not correlate BARFI! with disability. It's more about characters who face the challenges that life has to offer, yet live a more gratifying life than anyone else. It's about living each day of your life to the fullest, giving happiness, feeling love. It's a unique love story between three exceptional characters, something we haven't witnessed on the Hindi screen earlier.

Suparna Thombare for Bollywood Life said: "Ranbir is superb - magical, in fact. Priyanka's character is just coming to life towards the end of the first half, as the story unfolds at a leisurely pace. The cinematography is beautiful. Director Anurag Basu creates some beautiful moments that will stay with you long after. The music just adds to the experience of watching a visually beautiful movie with a heart."

 Roshni Devi who wrote for said: "There has to be something really special about a movie with two of the lead characters disabled in some way and the third always missing something in her life, and yet it never bogs down the movie or the story. Barfi! is lovely in a touching way that is difficult to define.

"Anurag Basu is one master for taking such a story and extracting such wonderful performances. The use of light in the film has been done very well. Ravi Varma's cinematography with the light and colours and festivals is excellent. Pritam's music is very good but it reminds you of the soundtrack of In The Mood For Love very often. Akiv Ali's editing is very fine.

"Barfi! leaves you with that warm, cuddly, magical feeling with a few tears to match. It's really worth a watch."

Shilpa Jamkhandikar from Reuters said: "Even before you see a single frame of Anurag Basu's "Barfi!" you will get a sense of the movie, thanks to a quirky song which calls on you to switch off "both your mobiles and kids". It also promises that the film will give you no "gyaan" (expressing opinion) and that it will tell you about "saccha pyaar" (true love).

"You could either be charmed by this unusual beginning or be put off by it, as I was, especially because it feels like overstating the tone of the movie and making a judgment for you about its content. But you might soon forget that and a lot of other things. The very first scene, a Chaplinesque chase through narrow streets is shot expertly by Ravi Varman, and will give you a sense of the old-world charm that pervades the film.

"Barfi!" is likely to test your patience at some points, but this is a film that deserves a watch, because the good outweighs the bad. Sometimes too much of a sweet thing can be good."