Lionel Messi
Lionel MessiReuters

Barcelona's summer signing Neymar has been given a vote of confidence by Lionel Messi. The Argentina number 10 believes his new Brazilian teammate will have no problems adapting to Barcelona's playing style and life in Spain.

"He is a great player and he won't have any problems adapting," Messi is quoted in Marca. "Away from the pitch he'll have no problem either. He is a good lad".

Doubts over whether Messi and Neymar can play in the same team without detracting from each other's effectiveness have emerged amongst fans and media since the signing was announced. Messi, however, is resolute that Neymar will make a 'big difference' to the team.

"He will give a lot to the side," Messi explained. "In a one on one he is very difficult to stop. He will make a big difference. It is only the press that has said we will not get on."

Messi scored 60 goals for Barcelona last season spearheading the team to the La Liga title. Conversely, in the Champions League, they were defeated 7-0 on aggregate by Bayern Munich in the semi-finals. The result was viewed as a change in the power structure of European football, with Bayern replacing Barcelona as the dominant team. Messi commented on Bayern and how the arrival of former Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola will only make them stronger.

"Bayern is a great side," Messi said. "It won the Champions League quite easily and with the arrival of Guardiola, it will be stronger still."

The Argentina captain also believes Real Madrid will prove to be tough opposition in Spain. "Real Madrid is very strong for both what the club means and the players it has," he said. "In fact, every year it is stronger."

Messi and his family have been embroiled in a taxation related controversy with the Spanish government. The player was keen to assure that the situation is being handled by his representatives. "I am very calm about it all," he explained. "We have our people that manage these things and we trust them. I expect them to solve it. I don't understand anything about all that and for that reason we have lawyers."