Barcelona are all set for their tilt in the International Champions Cup 2015, with the European and Spanish champions set to entertain the crowd in North America left, right and centre.

The main man of Barcelona – Lionel Messi – might not be available for this extravagant, star-filled preseason competition, but that should not dampen the mood too much as Barcelona have plenty of star power going around, even without the little magician.

"They all need holidays," Barcelona coach Luis Enrique, who has also given rest to Neymar, Dani Alves, Javier Mascherano and Claudio Bravo, said. "They all need holidays.

"We like fans to come and see Barca but those players that are here have great quality. We are sorry for the fans but the season is very long. We are sorry for the fans but the season is very long."

Enrique also did not mince words when he was asked about the need for such tours from a footballing perspective.

"I prefer not to do tours, truthfully. It's nice to come, but there are components that are uncomfortable, such as jetlag, for example," he said.

"But there are commitments at the club and the competition that is presented is interesting. The same can be done in Europe, but you have to accept it."

With or without Messi and Neymar, one man who is looking forward to watching Barcelona play is NBA and LA Lakers legend Kobe Bryant.

"I have been following the side for ten years," Bryant was quoted on Barcelona's official website after meeting with the players.

Barcelona begin their International Champions Cup 2015 campaign with a match against the LA Galaxy on Tuesday, where former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard will be just as much in focus as the Barca superstars.

Enrique's men then move onto one of the blockbuster matches of the International Champions Cup – Barcelona vs Manchester United – before rounding off their engagements in the US via a match against the English Premier League champions Chelsea.

Barcelona will also play one game back in Europe, as part of the International Champions Cup, against Fiorentina in Florence.

International Champions Cup Barcelona preseason schedule: 21 July: Barcelona vs LA Galaxy (8 pm PDT, 4 am BST, 5 am CET, 8.30 am IST (next day) in Pasadena, California.

25 July: Barcelona vs Manchester United (1 pm PDT, 9 pm BST, 10 pm CET, 1.30 am IST (next day) in Santa Clara, California.

28 July: Barcelona vs Chelsea (8 pm EDT, 1 am BST, 2 am CET, 5.30 am IST) in Landover, Washington DC.

2 August: Barcelona vs Fiorentina (9 pm CET, 8 pm BST, 12.30 am IST, 3 pm ET) in Florence, Italy.