You've watched them and have gotten flawed with their performances on field. Now brace yourselves for an animated film on La Liga heavyweights FC Barcelona.

Rocco Steinhäuser, host of the Spanish radio show Versió RAC 1 has informed that the 24-time Spanish league champions are in talks with the Walt Disney-owned Pixar Animation Studios for the production of a movie based on FC Barcelona.

It won't be portraying the history of the club but the famed football club nevertheless will be the protagonist of the upcoming animated movie that is looking at a release across cinemas, informed Rocco.

The Barcelona legends are expected to come to the big screens in an animated format pretty soonDenis Doyle/Getty

"Right now they [FC Barcelona] are negotiating with American directors to carry out this animated movie" Rocco has been quoted by La Jugada Financiera.

"It would be a product designed to be released in cinemas. Once it gets released in the big screens, it would be available in televisions across the world.

"There are contacts between Barça authorities and Pixar," he adds. "We are not talking about a small producer. It's Walt Disney." 

disney, pixar
Chief Creative Officer of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios John Lasseter took part today in the Walt Disney Studios animation presentation at Disney's D23 EXPO 2017 in Anaheim, CalifJesse Grant/Getty

Barcelona are hoping to further increasing their branding activities around the world and also expanding their revenues via this unique move.

Disney purchased Pixar in 2006.

Under the Walt Disney banner, Pixar has released a total of 19 films so far which includes blockbusters like the Toy Story trilogy, The Incredibles, Wall-E, Finding Nemo and more.