Barbie in Princess Power
Action Star Super Sparkle in the upcoming movie 'Barbie in Princess Power.'Screenshot/Youtube

Children's favourite fairy tale character Princess Barbie will be back on big screens with an all new animated film "Barbie in Princess Power", which is scheduled to hit the theatres in 2015.

The new Barbie movie follows a modern day princess named Kara, who leads a normal life until she gets kissed by a magical butterfly. Through the super powers obtained from the butterfly, she creates a crime-fighting alter ego for herself called Super Sparkle and she uses her powers to save the kingdom.

The storyline takes a harrowing twist when Kara's jealous cousin, who also catches the magical butterfly, gets transformed into a super-villain and Super Sparkle's nemesis, reported Reel Cinemas.

Meanwhile, the official trailer of the upcoming film produced by Mattel Entertainment indicates that, unlike other movies, "Barbie in Princess Power" will show the beloved princess in a more action-packed setting.

While some of the fans have expressed their excitement about the film, many are not happy with the new avatar of their favourite Princess Barbie, like Dylon Frost, who declares, "Sorry but I hate this movie, the animation and 3D looks different! Barbie movies used to be like stories."

Youtube user Sakura Yamashita, who prefers a little romance in their Barbie movies, posted, "They should make Barbie movies like how they did back then where there's actually a story to it and there's romance like Barbie as a princess and a prince. I grew up watching Barbie movies like that. They should start doing that again instead of something like this. Honestly this movie doesn't seem that interesting. Just my opinion though."

Grace Tucker, however, is ready to wait and see how the movie turns out before passing judgment, "I'm not too excited about this one, but I'll see how it goes."

Meanwhile, another YouTuber Toralei Stripe thinks the latest Barbie movie may be an example of how much Mattel Entertainment is trying to recreate some Disney magic.

"Barbie is defiantly copying Disneys Big Hero 6. The Barbie in this movie looks so much like Honey Lemon." Stripe adds, "The animations looks similar to the sims 4."

Watch the official trailer of "Barbie in Princess Power" Below: