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"My credit card was rejected in a New York restaurant," says US President Barack Obama.Reuters

Ever faced the embarrassment of your credit card being declined while paying bills for a lavish dinner at an upscale restaurant? You just got company in President Barack Obama.

Obama, often known as the most powerful man on Earth, narrated the incident that had left him red-faced in a five-star restaurant in New York.

"I went to eat at a restaurant in New York during the UN General Assembly and my credit card was rejected," Obama said on Friday when he was signing an executive order to protect consumers from identity theft, Washington Post notes.

"It turned out, I guess I don't use it enough. They thought there was some fraud going on. Fortunately, Michelle had hers."

The President and the First Lady were dining at Estela on East Houston Street when the incident occurred. Obama said he tried explaining to the waitress, saying, "No, I really think that I've been paying my bills." But he confessed if it were not for his wife, he would have been in real trouble.

"Even I'm affected by this" the Obama added contenting that even presidents have to sometimes face daily stresses of the common people.

Obama narrated a few more instances of his adventures with credit cards. In July when he was in Austin, he ordered a barbecue worth $300 and realised that he didn't have enough cash. When he pulled out his card, he wasn't sure if it would work but trip director Marvin Nicholson assured Obama that the card would work, and it apparently did.

Other incidences of how the President usually pays his bills in cash have also done their rounds on the internet with the Washington Post noting one more incident in June when he paid $82.55, in cash in a boutique grocery store in Minneapolis.