US President Barack Obama recently shot a video with British adventurer Bear Grylls in Alaska, in which the President is seen relishing on a half-eaten piece of fish, a leftover from a bear.

Grylls is known for his TV shows in which the former British Special Forces soldier teaches various ways of survival under the most hostile situations.

Barack Obama recently joined the adventurer for a special episode of the show titled "Running Wild with Bear Grylls". A sneak peek of the episode was released recently which shows Bear Grylls bringing out a half-eaten salmon fish, which was covered with some moss.

The survival expert then tells Barack Obama that he found this piece of fish from a river bank in Alaska as a bear left the meaty part after eating the fats and that certainly made the President surprised.

"I think the President looked a little surprised when I pulled out this sort of bloody carcass of a half-eaten salmon," Bear Grylls said in the video. He then cooked the fish on fire and offered a bite of the almost raw fish to Obama, who interestingly found it tasty.

Nevertheless, the US President did mention that it would have been better if the host did not mention that it was half-eaten by a bear.

Obama's appearance in the TV show is reportedly a part of the White House's attempt to create awareness regarding the environment. Check the video below.