Former U.S. President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama
Former U.S. President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama participate in the unveiling of their official portraits during a ceremony at the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery, on February 12, 2018 in Washington, DCMark Wilson/Getty Images

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are truly all about relationship goals. The couple celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary on Wednesday, October 3.

Barack and Michelle, both took to Instagram to share a sweet message about each other after 26 years of togetherness.

Here's what both of them posted:

After so many years of married life, the couple has a few tips for others to keep in mind when they hit a bump in their relationship. According to a report on Glamour, Michelle has spoken about her marriage and given advice on how to keep a marriage alive for a long time.

Here's what she said;

1) Enjoy the small moments in everyday life

"When the kids go to bed and after he's done a little reading, we're usually curled up in our den, and we'll watch a show together. Or we'll talk and catch up. It's nothing major, but that's what marriage is about. Not the big, splashy stuff. It's just the little day-to-day sharing and routines and rituals that we still have.

2) Marriage requires some effort and hard work from both partners

"Marriage is hard work. Even the best of marriages require a lot of work — even if you're married to your soul mate who has very few flaws. Building a life with a person other than yourself, and raising kids and dealing with all of the bumps and the bruises and the joys and the pains that go along with the life that creates the natural state of marriage, and it's a challenge. I say that to people not to discourage them but to say that you will inevitably hit those bumps. Don't view that as a shortcoming of yourself or your spouse or your marriage. Don't give up on it."

3) Be open and talk about issues, but know when to let go

"I might want to talk to him about an issue I have with what he said the other day, but you know what—it's not really that important. I'm stockpiling a list of issues that I'd like to discuss with him in 2016 though."

4) Laughter is the best medicine

"I think in our house we don't take ourselves too seriously, and laughter is the best form of unity, I think, in a marriage. So we still find ways to have fun together, and a lot of it is private and personal. But we keep each other smiling and that's good."

5) Keep the romance alive

"Got to keep the romance alive, even in the White House. ... He remembers dates, birthdays, he doesn't forget a thing, even when I think he is... I'll have a little attitude. I give him a little attitude, but he always comes through."