Nirbhaya protest
BBC documentary 'India's Daughter' has been banned by Home Minister Rajnath Singh, following a furor over the misogynistic remarks made by death row inmate Mukesh Singh in an interview. However, not everyone's happy with the ban. (Pictured here) People are seen protesting in Delhi over Nirbhaya rape case.Ramesh Lalwani | Flickr

The Executive Bar Council will meet on Friday evening to discuss about the disparaging remarks on women which have shaken the entire nation that have been made by the two defence lawyers over the Nirbhaya case in the controversial documentary, "India's Daughter".

"We have taken this very seriously. Prima facie, this appears to be a clear case of professional misconduct... We are holding a meeting, we will hold an enquiry... if at all he is found (guilty), we will take a very serious note of it," NDTV quoted Manna Kumar Mishra, Chairman of the Bar Council of India, as saying.

The derogatory remarks made by the two lawyers, ML Sharma and AK Singh, have resulted in a lot of debate all across the country with many lawyers demanding the cancellation of the licences of the two.

There has also been a huge outburst in the social media with people voicing out their opinion about the shameful remarks made by the lawyers and urging that the two be punished.

Sharma and Singh who are defending the four convicts of the Delhi gang rape case in the film have embarrassed the entire country by demeaning the position of women in the Indian society.

In the film aired by BBC, despite the Indian government banning it, Sharma has said that there is no place for women in Indian culture. Similar statement has also been made by Singh as well.

"They can defend their clients inside court but can't speak like this outside court. The Bar council shouldn't wait for any complaint and should take suo motu action," Raju Ramachandran, Former Additional Solicitor General of India was quoted as saying.

Justifying his remarks, Sharma said he had been misinterpreted as the filmmaker Leslee Udwin had just used a portion of what he had told on camera. He also added that he would respond back to the bar council if a notice is sent to him as he had not committed any crime.

Meanwhile, Singh said that his comments drew many calls for him from people who said that they supported his outlook.