Banshee Season 4 title card
Banshee Season 4 title cardFB / Banshee

The teaser and several spoilers surfacing on the Internet suggests that Season 4 of Cinemax's action-drama series "Banshee" will have a more emotionally-emphasised plot than the previous seasons of the series.

According to Breathe Cast, the fourth season will mostly emphasise on the story of Lucas Hood (Antony Starr) and his romantic relationship with his former girlfriend Carrie Hopewell (Ivana Miličević).

The season will showcase Hood's attempts to make up with Carrie and his struggle to escape the claws of a mob gangster that has been led by crime lord Kai Proctor (Ulrich Thomsen).

In the teaser trailer, Hood can be seen standing in front of a burning house that might have been an attempt by Proctor to kill him. The teaser also hints at Hood's death in the upcoming season. However, as "Banshee" is known for having unexpected endings, it might not be the case.

Beside Hood's attempts to convince Hopewell and stay out of the troubles from Proctor's gang, the fourth season will also explore his troubled past that made him an alcoholic.

Jonathan Trooper, creator of "Banshee," said that Season 4 will have eight episodes and will conclude the entire series. In an interview, he talked about why the show will be dropped after Season 4.

"While we certainly considered returning for a fifth season, I always said that when the story was told, it would be time to move on and that time has come," Trooper said.

Apart from the original cast members, new ones such as Eliza Dushku, who will be playing the role of Agent Veronica Dawson, will also be joining "Banshee" Season 4.

Ana Ayora will play a Banshee deputy, while Casey LaBow will portray the character of Maggie. Besides, a new antagonist will also be introduced in the upcoming season of the series.

"Banshee" Season 4 will premiere April 1, 2016, on Cinemax. Watch the trailer here: