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In the upcoming episode, titled "Innocent Might Be a Bit of a Stretch," of Cinemax's action-drama series "Banshee," it seems that the story will be much darker and grim as there will be another murder mystery involved while Carrie (Ivana Miličević) will decide to give Lucas (Antony Starr) another chance.

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According to the synopsis of the episode by, "Carrie's up to her old tricks; Bunker (Tom Pelphrey) goes out on a limb; and another murder shocks the town."

According to Ecumenical News, in "Innocent Might Be a Bit of a Stretch," Carrie will return to her old tricks to assist Lucas. She secretly meets Bunker and asks him for some confidential files.

In the promo of the episode, actress Eliza Dushku can be seen as FBI special agent Veronica Dawson as she arrives in "Banshee" to investigate the case of Rebecca Bowman's murder. She is also seen having a tense confrontation with Kai Proctor (Ulrich Thomsen) and afterwards, interrogates Lucas.

While continuing with her investigation, Dawson will come to know that there has been another murder in the town. However, Lucas is in custody and Dawson suspects that there must be someone else behind the murders.

Whether Dawson will find the real culprit behind all the murders and Lucas will be able to prove himself innocent or not, will be seen once "Innocent Might Be a Bit of a Stretch" airs.

In the previous episode, titled "The Book of Job," Job's (Hoon Lee) whereabouts were finally found and he was freed from his captors. However, while he got his freedom, Lucas was arrested and was taken for the investigation of the serial murders recently occurring in the town.