Banshee Season 4 title card
Banshee Season 4 title cardFB / Banshee

Cinemax has confirmed that the crime-drama series "Banshee" season 4 was the last season of the series. However, the show didn't end because the network cancelled it; a source from the series has stated that it concluded on its own creative terms.

According to HitFix, Some early reports had suggested that the show was "cancelled." However, the source denied it and said Season 4 was made with everyone from the creative team under the knowledge that the story of fake sheriff Lucas Hood (Antony Starr) would be coming to an end with this season.

"We have not been cancelled, but on the creative side, we have decided to end the show, basically because we were done telling the story. As Cinemax's highest-rated show, no one was looking to cancel us. It was a creative decision. The premise was never meant to survive a long stretch. We all made the decision at the end of season 3 that we were going to make season 4 our grand finale," the source said.

Hitflix has also reported that in a press release, Cinemax made the news official. The press release also consists of a quote from series' co-creator Jonathan Tropper that reads:

"'Banshee' has been an incredible ride, and we continue to break new ground in season four. While we certainly considered returning for a fifth season, I always said that when the story was told, it would be time to move on, and that time has come. I am grateful to Cinemax for making 'Banshee' the great success it has been and for supporting our creative decision to wrap things up."